Can You Count The Dead Adventurers?

(No, I’m not talking about retail WoW subscriber numbers)

While leveling back in the day I encountered a very Mt. Everest type scenario.

It’s that one telltale sign that you are entering a difficult area.

Let’s back up a bit. I had rerolled night elf and felt pretty good at level 6 – I had killed some owls and spiders and was rolling through content.

Then as I stealthed towards my next area, I entered the furbolg area. I was used to yellow enemies who let me come to them like a cougar at a bar.

They paraded around at full health, stomping over the husks of defeated WoW players. The skeletons were disturbing, but what bothered me most were the bodies of unreleased spirits. As I sat in stealth, the horror dawned on me:

These were players so frustrated by the killings, they simply logged off.

I can’t name a single instance in retail WoW since WOTLK that has made me feel this way. Nowadays, these bottlenecks are eliminated because directors don’t want people quitting the game and then bad-talking their experience on social media.

Vanilla was great because:

  1. Players didn’t give up as easily back then
  2. If a player quit – you didn’t want them as a customers. Those with the will to get through it (and ENJOY THE CHALLENGE) made up the great community.

And guess what happened?

Some other players showed up, and we conquered this hurdle the same way we will when Vanilla launches:


Here’s the full picture – can you count the dead elves?

Scroll down for the answer…


Which is hopefully not the same number of months until classic release.

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