A Vanilla WoW Game Master Did An AMA on Reddit

We’ve recapped some of the answers below and provided a link to the ‘Ask Me Anything’.

Mikimao worked for Blizzard from 2005-2008 as a university student, and described his “dream job” as a Game Master for World of Warcraft.

While he was one of many, he seems to fit the culture of what we remember from employees back in the day: enthusiastic, willing to help, and understanding.

Here’s some highlights from the AMA:

  • Level 19 rogue twinks often got reported for hacking.
  • At the bottom of GM island misbehaving players were sometimes placed in an interrogation chair and asked questions.
  • Someone wants to name their vanilla toon ‘Lobsterdick’ and got some advice on it.
  • The ‘Serenity Now Funeral Crash‘ was monitored by WoW GMs but because it was on a PvP server they pretty much said “dick move bro, but legal”.
  • Game Masters would like to interact more with players. but new rules discourage them from doing so.
  • If Game Masters wanted to play WoW, they log into a personal account at home. Back in Vanilla all GMs had to travel to the Blizzard office for secure servers.
  • The Vanilla staff REALLY care about the old school experience they are soon to deliver.
  • Game Masters sometimes accidentally doubled your gold.
  • Game Masters started at $10/hr

You can find the full AMA on Reddit here

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