The Classic WoW Stress Test: It’s Working So Please Be Happy

I’d give a lot of things to be able to step into Classic Wow right now and enter my favorite starting zone. But that’s not what a stress test is. It’s not for present day enjoyment – it’s to ensure FUTURE enjoyment. ” Play up to level 5 and help us make sure we can provide the…

The Drums of War Thunder Once Again…on August 27th!!!

“It’s technically still summer” – Blizzard, probably The official release date for Vanilla WoW is August 27th, 2019. It’s not as soon as we would have liked, but this is also good news. It means Blizzard polish is back!  

Classic Gold

“Gold is the most important resource in Classic WoW.” – Platinum WoW Yesterday a video from Classic WoW YouTuber, Platinum WoW, caught my attention and had me asking myself: “Will I be able to be rich in Classic?” Probably not!