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Classic Will Be Using Retail Damage Text

I can deal with sharding/layering/pardoning/hardening etc., but this is one change I need to see.

(We’ve also got a macro to make the current retail damage font more…classic?)

(If you miss the old damage font – here is a macro that at least makes your hits feel slightly more rewarding in retail:

/run SetCVar(“floatingCombatTextCombatDamageDirectionalScale”, 0)

See how we didn’t put that 500 words down? Why do writers need to tell a story before dropping their recipe for ice water? Anyways, here’s the article.)

Legion was…hopeful. Let’s just say it was golden compared to WOD. We had a Canadian guild called >Large Double Double>, which was great because we were able to do what we loved:

Trash each other’s hockey teams.

But something bothered me. The updated models were fine, but it’s not like they had to keep up with the graphics race – Warcraft has always had that unique animation style only a mother orc could love (ugly face, yet somehow smooth, and brings in large amounts of cash).

Besides, creators should know that what matters most is the feeling players get from a game – not the graphics.

Orrrrr fuck them both up

I was left aching for more. Why? Rotations were complex and fun to execute, but something was missing. I was so close to forgiving Blizzard WoD until I realized it had left one more poison in my drink:

The floating combat text had changed.

When you strike something with a flaming sword, you need a visceral response. Please forgive me for using this term, but it needs to “pop”. You select an input, and you get an output. That is what makes abilities feel powerful – you know that there could be an explosion in your face (phrasing) that takes up half the screen after a mortal strike/melee swing combo. It brought a random dopamine hit that you never got tired of.

Now it feels like a wet noodle. The floating combat text looks like it doesn’t want to be there, and floats away like a fart in the wind. Chaos bolt? Meh. Lava burst? Oh, you wanted something?

Yeah I want something. Crits used to take up more space and make you feel awesome. You felt like you were actually doing something, you pressed a button and hoped for the best. Now, you feel nothing until you can right click the dead boss for loot.

Retail may need this with the overload of abilities/dots every class has, but classic will be missing something huge if this doesn’t get changed. I will most likely be re-rolling (what a shame) to resto shaman if I can’t get my big white crits back.

Doesn’t this feel better?

edit: there is a Reddit thread that has close to 3k upvotes asking for the change.


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