Where Will You Log Out For The Last Time?

With Classic WoW looking like the Warcraft-Killer, there is a very real possibility you will never log back in to the character you have spent years with.

What special spot is the perfect send-off for your hero?

Sure, you’ll snag your OG name on Classic WoW and your original toon’s spirit will live on, but you may never double click your retail character again.

Well, this is sad.

Whenever life takes me somewhere else, or I feel my time in-game is over (I thought WoD was the end), I always take my warrior to my favorite spot in Hellfire Peninsula.

Vanilla was about exploration for me (I only got Rag to 1% the week before BC dropped), but BC was about pushing how far I could go in a game. There was just so much to learn and to be challenged by, so it’s my favorite expansion by far. It was the first time I made online friends that didn’t scam my party hat, and helped me attain my beloved Vengeful gear that I still have.

This spot in the first Burning Crusade zone feels right for the end. The view is just spectacular, and whenever I stop by it makes me remember the times I stared at the same view, ignoring the outside world, but wondering what I would uncover in-game.

Except this time, there is hope they will release a Burning Crusade after Vanilla WoW.


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