Blizzard Has Released A WoW Classic Primer

WoW Classic Primer

Note: If we ever have an article where we don’t write a whole lot and put the link after ‘Read More’, please throw our children (who will be holding onto our computers) into a volcano. We aren’t a food blog.

Anyways, the WoW Classic Guide For New Players was released August 10th. I’ll say this: everyone can learn from it.

No, not in the areas like the 51-point talent system. I’m talking about what matters. Things like:

Tip: Buffs don’t come cheap, so if you want to get a pocket healer to join you on your next adventure, you may just want to buy them a few supplies . . . out of the goodness of your heart, of course.

WoW Classic Team, 2019

It warmed my NPC-hating heart to see this. Yes, people will give buffs in vanilla as you run by. Yes, you can offer your thanks and some supplies. The real beauty is it opens an interaction; a possibility for a group, for adding them to your friend’s list, and a better community.

And if you’re still thinking this is what you’ve always played Warcraft for – when was the last time you thanked a world quest group for coming together?

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