Over 45,000 Responses to the World of Warcraft Classic: Census

Over the past several weeks, the users and viewers of the /r/ClassicWow subreddit have been filling out a World of Warcraft Classic Census, aimed at getting pre-launch statistics about the games servers, factions, races, classes, professions, and player interests.
YouTuber SoupaSoka put out a 20 minute video looking at the data step by step. Check out his video and our TL:DW observations below!


  • PvP Servers are the most popular.
  • Tanks – ~15% of player-base.
  • Healer – ~30% of player-base.
  • DPS – ~60% of player-base.


  • The split between Horde and Alliance is almost 50/50!


  • Human > Night Elf > Dwarf > Gnome (In order of descending popularity).
  • Undead> Orc > Tauren > Troll (In order of descending popularity)


  • Distribution across the board is surprisingly balanced!
  • The least common expected to be played classes are:
    • Horde – Druid & Hunter
    • Alliance – Druid & Warlock
  • The most commonly expected to be played classes are:
    • Horde – Warrior & Shaman
    • Alliance – Warrior & Priest

Player Specific

  • Most players do not have a guild currently!
  • The majority of players are in their late 20s to early 30s, and have been playing or played WoW for several years.
  • The commonly expected times to hit level 60 range from 1 week to 2 months (Broad stroke data, nothing expected).


Additional Sources:

Census and Server Demographic Results | Subreddit News from classicwow



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