DING 60! Joana’s 2006 World Record Run on Twitch (But You’re Probably Faster)

aug 22 joana speedrun

Joana, a legendary Classic WoW speed leveling guru, is streaming his world record 2006 run on Twitch.

He will hit 60 (again) 1 hour before Classic WoW releases, but I got to witness the first playthrough which went for 4 days, 20 hours (nice) and a major Twitch chat fail.

Oh, and you’ll be level 60 in about two months playing 6-8 hours a day.

His stream hit about 4,600 viewers when he was a few minutes away from 60. His XP bar looked full, and he was grinding yetis in order to ding.

It was hilarious. The chat kept thinking that one more mob kill would make him level – but no one realized just how little your XP bar moved after a mob kill at level 59. Heck, I remember being around level 50 as a mage (I loved AOE grinding) and if you could see your bar move even a slight amount after an NPC died you thanked your lucky stars.

The chat kept me entertained (some were even questioning if it was a bug) until that golden glow finally appeared and he typed /played.

116 total hours from 1-60, which was a legendary achievement in 2006. That’s almost 5 days in-game, which some people are comically misunderstanding as “you can hit 60 in under a week”.

Quick maths: Let’s say you play 8 hours a day, that’s two weeks to 60. Great! Now realize you are nowhere near Joana’s skill level and put yourself at over a month. Really? I’m only half as good as him? I think with the internet in 2019, this streamer I like, and using his guide I can…

You’re perfect the way you are but need to recognize:

  • he doesn’t use professions (he would borrow gold for mounts)
  • he is a hunter
  • he is the master of using graveyard teleporting/help request auto-death
  • he is on a PvE server
  • Blizzard ran an official leveling contest which he won by being 25% faster than the runner up

So even with 8 hours a day, you’re looking at around 1.5-2 months because we are mostly 25-40 year olds where IRL crap happens, and in-game crap like STV ganking happens.

So remember to enjoy the process and remember, Classic will be around for a loooong time!

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