Where Have We Been The Last 6 Days?


aug 26 logOUT spot

We’re committed to posting daily content and WoW Classic updates and that plan is still in motion.

The last couple of months have been awesome. Instead of withering into a broken husk waiting for Classic to launch, I’ve got to work with Chips on a nostalgic love of ours.

This last week has been weird. Tristan has gone a week without home internet in a first world country and I took an 80mph shot that broke my goalie dangler and went to my throat/chin, and have a mild concussion. It’s obvious which is the worse scenario.

Anyways, one of us is back online and have 18 drafts ready to go, so you will be seeing daily news and articles while you’re at work waiting to play!

Thanks for being on this journey with us, it’s good to be back!

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