Summing Up The Classic WoW Community

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Many of our readers come from the Classic WoW subreddit – a place that got a little too meme heavy prior to launch despite having a “strict low-effort posting policy”.

Post-launch, there is a huge influx of sharing and quality content (for the time being), including this hilarious Stitches encounter.

User ‘Spazznax’ talks about how his time on Classic WoW is a suffer-fest of people doing nice things for each other. Let’s do our best to keep up the feeling of this first week of Classic WoW!

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So lemme start by saying I’ve been playing WoW since Vanilla. I was a Night Elf Rogue, I was in a pretty good end game guild, I had tons of friends. Naturally when WoW Classic came out I was super nostalgic for it and was all aboard on the hype train. Little did I know what the dark implications of WoW Classic coming back meant. I’ll give you guys a few examples.

  • I whispered a guy to tank his Deadmines group and he straight up invited me. The guy didn’t even check my io or achievements. It was all I could do to not leave the group immediately as he obviously wasn’t screening his members and rejecting unskilled players. Do people even check item levels anymore? Luckily we made it through but not before the group leader annoyingly asked if I minded him also needing on my cruel barb, fucking rogues.

  • People come around and spam me with buffs or heals while I’m soloing. I didn’t ask for your blessing of might, now you’re fucking up my sims, and now I have too much food in my inventory to loot the grays off this body. I also have no gauge for whether I can solo that enemy anymore, thanks asshole.

  • People literally just invite me to groups without asking. I’ll be killing mobs next to them and they’ll just assume that I want to group up for a quest. Do I even know you? How do I know you’re not just trying to pad your logs with my Battle Shout? Everyone is so lazy and wants to just be your friend so they make quests easier, people should really stop assuming they’re on my level.

  • Some audacious motherfucker was literally giving away bags. He open traded with me and didn’t even ask and just shoved two of his name into my inventory and now I have to look at him every time I open it. All I’m saying is in retail, I didn’t have to accept handouts with my 2800+ io score, people respected my natural talent. People in Classic just want others to play their game for them.

  • And on the note of people not respecting how good I am. These people will just add me as a friend after I tolerate questing with them. They just assume they’ve earned the right to invite me to tank their dungeon groups. I have at least 6 different people who message me regularly asking if I want to group quest or run a dungeon. Then when I get in there I actually have to talk to them, they ask me about my day or if I’ve gotten anything good lately, mind your own business sheesh. I’m sorry is the World of HowsTheWeathercraft? No one even argues for their BiS gear anymore! I watched a priest give a staff with spirit to a mage who needed the int upgrade, come on people! Manners won’t get you into a world first guild.

  • This is the shit that really gets me. All these toxic behaviors are horribly contagious. I try constantly to enforce the idea that you’re not playing the game until you’ve finished the unbearable grind to 60 and can get gear so you don’t have to group with plebs anymore, but people just keep being courteous! “People are enjoying the world, it’s not a race” bunch of fucking normies coming in to ruin our society by taking away our QOL changes so they can have their “Server Community” again. Just yesterday some guy wanted a the Short Bastard Sword of the Bear that I was selling but he didn’t have money, and I literally just gave it to him instead! This is absolutely out of control, I’m being forced to be a part of this new system where we have to treat other players like people.

This “WoW Classic Community” is destroying the wholesome fabric of gatekeeping and elitism that has made WoW strong. Just look at how much fun applying for Mythic groups is. Nothing gives me a rush quite like getting invited to a group instantly due to my +15 2 chest scores. I earned my right to be the best at WoW and people who like Classic are just mad that they’re not good enough to play Retail.

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