sept 4 realmsIn the weeks before launch, the Classic WoW team said they would consider implementing a character transfer service if realms were overloaded with queues and other issues.

Blizzard has announced that they would be working to open their Free Character Move service for select WoW Classic realms in the coming days.

A relief for sure, but what implications does this bring for you and your guild?

Leading a guild is tough – I am constantly getting flack for only being level 22. Okay, our guild is too nice to say anything about it but I KNOW they are in a hidden discord channel talking smack about me – so I’m implementing random kicks every 12 hours to keep them in check. It really hurt to remove someone’s wife from our growing guild, but I hope to not feel these emotions in the future.

The point is we had our first guild argument (it was very Canadian). Do we transfer off Herod? We knew queues would happen and the WoW dev team has done some amazing work – but using TeamViewer to remote login during work only to disconnect when you’re 500th in the queue can really break the toughest soul.

I wanted to find a new home. People have come to Herod because it was going to be “the” server – what’s the point of being #1 somewhere else? If they already have a large guild with a common purpose they won’t be moving. Let the individuals who feel stuck or frustrated their week off didn’t go as planned move away. There are plenty of healthy servers out there and we can create what we want there. I’m tired of waiting in queue for 3 hours and then being disconnected while cooking and losing my spot. Besides, realm capacities have been WAY increased and the world is going to be packed to the brim once layering is removed.

But we are staying put – Herod is our home.

There is a difference between leadership decisions and community decisions. Chips talked to the guild members and to my surprise they all wanted to stay on Herod. When I heard that my opinion as a leader became moot and became a responsibility to be a “yes” for what they wanted.

I’ve also got a little faith there will be a change of heart when there are still queues (or the Resource Wars begin), but I trust the members of the guild and am excited to see what happens.


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