Cult Of The Layering Doomsayers

Things have been a little quiet since launch. Other than massive queue times, Blizzard pulled off one the more stable releases in their history. Players have been too busy loving the game to notice much else.

Ah, exactly what the proclaimed ‘Cult of the Layering’ Doomsayers were waiting for.

sept 5 layering camping FINAL

After the public stress test, the Cult of the Layer made their proclamation:

Classic WoW has entered the end of days. August 26th will be the destruction of all we know and once loved. Prepare yourselves, because Blizzard isn’t ready for layering and unless it’s completely removed, the game is dead in the water.

scammed sept 5
It all starts with completely valid reasons

They all rallied together in the Reddit ‘Layering Rage Megathread’ (it has since been deleted) and got hundreds of upvotes – the cycle had begun and the doomsday preppers waited.

And waited.

Nobody even laughed at them. Everyone was in-game and thanking layering for being able to complete quests. They skulked, no longer the juggernauts they were for but a moment.

But now they have doubled down in September and are rallying the eternally unhappy to their cause once again.

I’ll let you read through the thread titled ‘Layers have fucked Classic. It is getting hacked already’, but a few things:

  • Classic isn’t dead
  • I don’t think you know what ‘hacked’ means
  • There is a valid point there, but you are approaching it wrong
  • Blizzard is aware of this – this just happens to be the thread with the most momentum
  • “Someone said on Discord” is not evidence, and your follow-up screenshot is most likely not legitimate
  • You overestimate the impact this has and underestimate the size of the in-game world/economy
  • Stop using layering as your excuse to hope a game (that you play) dies

I have no idea what makes you look at one issue and use it as a cover-all for your entire experience – but I’m glad these blips show up on my radar. I needed a break from farming Sida’s Bag.

This addon most likely will be addressed by Blizzard, but I will remind people time and time againĀ we do not have all the information.

Until next time, let us thank layering (while continually monitoring it) for giving this game a real shot at success.

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