Classic WoW, Day 15 – Progress Update

Happy Day 15 of Classic! By now, everyone and their mother has seen the Level 60 World Record completely obliterated by JokerD, Week One One Shot Ragnaros Kill, and Week One Onyxia Kill, but have you seen the amount of 4 Strength 4 Stamina leather belts in /r/classicwow?

But did you know < Vanilla Together > has been reformed under our original guild name, < Large Double Double> ?

Many of you will know this is the guild name we have operated under for several years, and is more closely related to the identity of our presence in Azeroth.

The people, plans, and goals of the guild and website are changing only in the name they operate under. We are still a group focused on working together and enjoying Classic as a community.

Look for us online under the name < Large Double Double> and request an invite! The secret phrase is “He’s just not ready”.


Donut has been grinding out level after level and is just shy of 30. I am a few levels back because I am in the portion of North American adults where:

Work For a Living
Thanks for the invite though.

The end of September is looking likely for a relatively attainable level 50 on my rogue, with 60 by the end of October!

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