Your Reputation Matters Again

sept 13 final

I’m not talking about reputation grinds like Hydraxian Waterlords to summon Majordomo Executus in Molten Core.

I’m talking about your Classic WoW character and it’s permanent reputation on your server.

One of my favorite things about Classic is money cannot get you out of a bad situation. There are no name changes, server transfers, or ways to reset who you are in the world. Many unhelpful players have unwittingly made a name for themselves only 19 days after Classic launched.

We are growing our guild on Herod, and recently switched to a more apt-fitting name for Canadians, <Large Double Double>. Our core is about thirty grown adults who have all met for the most part in real life, and random players who want to be part of what we are creating.

It wasn’t by accident, but I found out yesterday how powerful word of mouth is around your character.

I invited a 32 paladin to the guild and his journey with us lasted under two hours. I appreciate guild chatter but he was all over the place – he quit his job as a landscaper to play Classic and within minutes he was talking about Trump. We have no idea if he even voted for him, his rabble made no sense. Mid-rant he would stop and give completely lucid advice to a guildie he came across in Arathi. Then, once they knew where all the iron ore was, he went back into something about Asmongold and autism.

Now, our guild may have banter even better than Letterkenny, but this was going to be a worse fit than a tauren in a smart car.

Thankfully, he went quiet and an hour later and left the guild after saying:

fucking canucks

But this isn’t the end or even the point of the story.

I noticed him in trade continuing his tirade and doing his best to be a trade-chat troll. Now, it is possible to be a /2 legend if you do it right, just like Robin used to on Blackhand.

read the line above too

But it was not to be. I was selling something and he responded with a quip about Canadians and our reputations to the public, and that got someone angry.

Some dirt about a guild he started with the sole purpose of people donating to a “bank alt”, and then the hammer – he ninja looted a staff in SM Library. Trade chat rose up against him

From there he was done. He is now on a no-invite list for anyone on Herod. Being named a ninja looter is death for your reputation.

But will it matter in Classic WoW? Server sizes are so large will anyone be able to remember, or have more than two interactions with another player?

Part 2 will cover this next week!

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