Classic WoW Realms: By The Numbers

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To my fellow Alliance on Herod:

Do not go into the darkness. Despite being outnumbered by Horde nearly 2:1, we shall fight on. We will wage our campaign in the small corners of the realm (or more likely in the safety of an instance and not exploit it like you filthy Horde), taking what we can until we are strong enough to storm Thunder Bluff and save Baine from Sylvanas mind control people off the elevator.

There are free realm transfers for those who want to take the coward’s way out. Just know when the war is won, you will beg Blizzard for paid transfer back to where you once called home, and they will deny you.

We shall start our campaign as soon as I can quest in Arathi without getting ganked – until then, let’s look at the people at WoWPop have done with HUGE help from the community!

TL;DR – there is now class, race, and level information for every Classic WoW Realm.

Since WowClassicPopulation has been down with no news, I compiled all the data I could for Herod and was looking into ways to collaborate with other factions and realms to bring more data your way.

However, this was a massive and slow undertaking so I am proud to see WoWPop has made a site aggregating all of the data!


Massive kudos to them and everyone uploading their data. If you don’t have CensusPlusClassic, get the addon right now because it is the perfect thing to look at while on a flight path or waiting for people to get to Scarlet Monastery. The addon runs /who queries in the background and collects complete data on whoever is online at the time. If you run it for an hour (I suggest leaving it on as you won’t even notice it) a few days a week you will see what your realm’s faction looks like, and how popular mages are with their AoE farms.

CensusPlusClassic is perfect for choosing your second class to level before phase 2, where you will be ruthlessly farmed by rank 14 hopefuls who get honor from ganking. Alliance Druids on Herod are lacking, so I could be rolling one next and doing my part.

So go check out your realm with the addon, and see how much other realms are suffering! Please send mageweave bandages to Alliance on Herod, and some strong dwarven liquor.

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