Heartseeker, One Week After Free Transfer

Heartseeker has been our realm for more than seven days now and it is beginning to look like moving was the correct decision:

  • Zones are full of both Alliance and Horde.
  • Auction listings for Alliance have doubled from 10,000 to 20,000.
  • Prices are at, or approaching, market value.
  • PvP skirmishes are met with reinforcements including Horde 60’s.

But does it feel like we made the correct decision?

It will soon â„¢.

Not included in the bullets listed above, the most significant “feel good” factor has been that of how many members of the opposite faction I see. Cross-faction quests are constantly crowded by members of both factions who usually do not turn the area into a war zone.

But if someone does antagonize the other it quickly devolves into a battle of “who can call reinforcements the fastest”. While that is not at all surprising, the amount of Horde 60’s that appear in minutes is surprising. During the first few days following the transfer it seemed like the Horde would resign to being farmed and had limited access to level capped reinforcements.

Now, at level 44, I still see ?? players come roaring in on their epic mounts and join (demolish us) the Alliance present. Having your face used to mop the floor over and over while attempting to farm pirate hats does not feel good, but knowing that Horde put up a fight does.

If this behaviour continues in hand with the economy continuing to normalize, Heartseeker will feel like a permanent home.

But what do the numbers say?

On Herod, and in the early days of last week, the numbers did feel accurate. But now WoWPop must be inaccurate. They do not line up with how game-play feels.

Yes, there was a change to the API that completely broke the add-on for a time. Is that skewing our data? Almost absolutely. I am not putting any confidence into the numbers now. The below screenshots are for reference of what was visible.


Monday, 8 PM, In Ironforge
Monday evening showed a relatively active Ironforge.


Heartseeker Population, Friday
Friday at 4PM EST, nearly 1:1


Realm Status, Saturday 3PM
Saturday, September 28th, 3PM


Realm Population, Monday 12PM
Realm Population, Monday 12PM


The “Active” Population for Heartseeker is in line with all other Medium to High servers. Things appear to be balancing out and it certainly feels that way. The Realm Population numbers on the Realm Selection window would agree. WowPop’s numbers do not.


Hopefully WoWPop has bad data and the server will turn into as good a server as it currently feels to be.


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