Father Of Twelve Children Withdraws From World First 60 Race

Classic WoW leveling has no place for fairy tales. Douglas Gordon, 48, announced to his long-suffering wife and twelve children that he would be withdrawing from the ‘World First Race to 60‘. Method (the top-tier guild covering the sadistic race individuals are undertaking) has been informed and is “devastated” to hear the news of another…

Can You Count The Dead Adventurers?

(No, I’m not talking about retail WoW subscriber numbers) While leveling back in the day I encountered a very Mt. Everest type scenario. It’s that one telltale sign that you are entering a difficult area.

Moronic Mondays: Parsing…in Timewalking?

Welcome to Moronic Mondays – featuring stories of less than desirable players. There are times I wish I was making something up, and other times I wish I took a screenshot.