Class/Race Data from the WoW Classic Public Test

Chips provided a recap of the /r/classicwow census responses, but what did people actually roll on the stress test realms? We ran a census addon during the majority of the public test, and have results for all factions on the PvP and PvE realms!

Deterministic Outcomes

As soon as you click [Enter World] for the first time on your fresh level 1 undead rogue, you know exactly the path your character is going to take from their first steps out of Deathknell to the end of the road of the Rank 14 grind. There exists very little variation between the beginning…

Ten Steps to a True Classic Experience

Go out of your way to communicate with other players, and build relationships with them. Find a guild as soon as possible and always try to assist each other and work as a team. If you see a member of the opposing faction, emote and jump appropriately to indicate your intentions are hostile or not….