Name Day Reservation, Our Results: Herod!

To quote Taliesen, “It was a shitshow, obviously”.

There is a vocal part of the player-base that are quite upset with how the events of today unfolded at 3PM PDT.

There were queue times:

There were silly names:

And there was a group of friends on Discord, laughing at the insanity and rushed feeling of getting the names we had planned for so long, having a blast with each other on World of Warcraft, together again for the first time in months. We watched the Streamers attempt to get their names, and their animated chatroom’s responding with how they had been the ones to get the desired streamer names, or that they knew someone in possession of the name willing to exchange it…

The process lasted around an hour to finally settle in on the proper realm, with an available trio of names. Not of all us left with the names we wanted, but we did leave excited to regroup in two weeks, together again, on Herod, as Alliance, and as longtime World of Warcraft friends.

This was day 1, of Vanilla Together.